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Starter kits for AE sensors with integrated Acoustic Emission System

End-to-end configuration between AE sensor and notebook

There is one starter kit each for the two basic types 2G.PoE and 2G.WiFi. Together with the software option Automatic Parameter Settings, the starter kits enable initial orientation measurements within just a few minutes. Jeder Kit enthält einen Sensor für Innenräume und das notwendige Zubehör, um eine End-zu-End-Kopplung zwischen dem Sensor und einem Notebook, wie in der Abbildung gezeigt, zu realisieren.

For the operating systems Windows-10 and Ubuntu-18.04-LTS a detailed manual for the network configuration of sensor and notebook is enclosed.

The starter kit WiFi includes:

The starter kit PoE contains:

Starter Kit AE-WiFi of 1st Generation